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Wix Boston Area User Meet Up (And More)!

Hi All!

Summer heat got you down? We're planning a COOL evening for you on August 28. Join us for our next Meet Up:

Wix User Meet Up!

Our next quarterly Meet Up is scheduled for:

Tuesday, August 28 at 6:00PM

District Hall

75 Northern Ave

Boston, MA

Our topic is: SEO 

 Join us for an incredible session on how use Wix tools and SEO knowledge to get yourself to the TOP of the stack.

Join Us and Find Out!


6 Weeks of "How To" Coming Your Way!

We are beyond excited to be partnering with Venture Cafe's District Hall to bring you a great 6-week series exclusively designed to get your online presence off the ground. 

We've planned 6 great workshops for you. Attend just one or - to get the MOST out of it - attend ALL. Dates & Topics:

September 10: Getting Started

  • brainstorming and refining your idea

  • grabbing your digital "real estate"

  • setting up a business presence

  • establishing your social media channels 

September 17: Look & Feel

  • your website's look & feel

  • current design trends

  • branding

  • establishing lines of communication

September 24: Workshop Night

  • bring your laptop and let's make this happen! Nothing but coaching to get your website started -  Maybe even finished!

October 22: Getting Found

  • SEO & Social Media

    • Keyword research overview

  • How to optimize every page of your website including Meta Tag, h2, Image Tag, Content Optimization, URL Structure & much more!

  • How to build high-quality relevant links and establish an SEO “Trust Factor”

  • How to integrate your social media marketing plan with your SEO

October 29: Peripherals

  •  legal, financial, & insurance considerations. We'll have experts in to review what you need to know 

  • GDPR, Privacy Policies, Terms & Conditions

November 5: Loose Ends

  • What did we miss? We'll review everything, take another look at those websites you've been building for 6 weeks, and set you loose to conquer the world!

Register for some or all of these informative workshops. 

(We think you'll get the most out of all of them, of course!)

Head into September with a fresh outlook and a NEW WEBSITE!

See you soon!

Jody & Maddie

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