you're going to have a brand website!

but a few things need to happen first - 

Welcome to your onboard with SA Solutions page

We're so excited to start working with you.

To get placed in our calendar, we need: an approved proposal, a signed contract and 50% deposit

Every project is a little different, so be sure to check your scope-of-work for the final project inclusions, but below is a typical web design project roadmap.


prep & planning

We ask you to do a little work upfront to make the process as smooth and efficient as possible! To begin the creation of a new website, we send you an onboarding questionnaire that covers everything we need from you. The following slides walk you through what is included in that questionnaire.

Note: We expect you to put some thought into your questionnaire and this process. If you find yourself speeding through, a good question to ask yourself is "what value can this website bring to my company"?

frequently asked questions